Recommended Products & Companies We Use

Tumbler Press

15oz, 20oz & 30oz Sublimation Tumbler Heat Press. You can find it here.

Heat Gloves

Heat Gloves

Heat resistant gloves allow you to grab and turn the tumbler without burning yourself. Great for holding while you remove the sublimation paper. You can find them here.


Silicone Mat

Silicone rubber mat, heat resistant to hold those hot tumblers while they cool. Can be found here


Large Teflon Sheet 


Mod Podge


Sublimation Paper 8.5 x 11


BAMF Custom Creations

Sarah at BAMF Custom Creations is amazing and offers great information that everyone can benefit from. I love her stickers, tumblers and she has some pretty amazing decorative vinyl wraps.


Beth the creator of Tumblerpoxy is so sweet and nice to work with. I love her UV resin. I use it on our acrylic blanks which makes great keychains. Tumblerpoxy offers a variety of epoxy resins for you to choose from.